How to start ReBitcoin mining?

Mining ReBitcoin is no different from mining similar cryptocurrencies running on the SHA256d algorithm. The easiest way to mine is mining using the console utility rebitcoin-cli. This utility is installed with the wallet and does not require additional settings. For mining, the resources of the central processor (CPU) of your computer (laptop) will be used.

Here we provide instructions for users of Windows x64 versions 7, 8, and 10. For other operating systems, the procedure may vary.

We believe that you installed ReBitcoin Core in the default folders that were proposed by the installation program. If you changed the installation folders, keep this in mind when proceeding.

Step 1. In the folder – C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\ReBitcoin\ create the rebitcoin.conf file and write the following lines into it:







rebitcoin.conf is the configuration file of your ReBitcoin Core wallet. At each launch, the wallet will read information from this file and work in accordance with the specified parameters.


Step 2. In the folder – C:\Program Files\ReBitcoin\daemon\ create a mining.bat file and write the following lines into it:

@echo off

rebitcoin-cli -rpcuser=rebitcoin -rpcpassword=rebitcoin generatetoaddress 1 1000000

goto begin

mining.bat is a batch file containing a sequence of commands for the rebitcoin-cli utility.


* You can download ready-made files rebitcoin.conf and mining.bat, just remember to edit them and place them in the appropriate folders.


Step 3. Launch your ReBitcoin Core wallet. On the “Receive” wallet tab, click the “Create a new address for receiving” button. At this address you will be credited with new coins when the block is found by your miner.

создание нового адреса ReBitcoin

Copy your new ReBitcoin address and paste it into the mining.bat file instead of .

For example, if your ReBitcoin address is: SiLCHjhZyxNtfhWtYDvFib9GydUVFuz3zf, then you should get this line:

rebitcoin-cli -rpcuser=rebitcoin -rpcpassword=rebitcoin generatetoaddress 1 SiLCHjhZyxNtfhWtYDvFib9GydUVFuz3zf 1000000

Save the changes to the mining.bat file. For convenience, you can create a shortcut on the desktop for this file to start mining in the future.


Step 4. Verify that your ReBitcoin Core wallet is fully synchronized with the network, as indicated by a green checkmark in the lower right corner of the wallet. If this is not the case, wait for full synchronization.

Step 5. After the wallet synchronization is complete, run the mining.bat file, if the terminal window appears and square brackets run in it, then mining started successfully. You can start several mining threads by opening additional windows through mining.bat. Each mining process will additionally load your CPU. So, in a 4-core CPU, one process uses about 25% of the power.

окно консольной утилиты rebitcoin-cli

After a while (from several minutes to several hours) you will receive a reward for finding a new block in the ReBitcoin network. For finding 1 block, you will be credited with 100 REBTC. Coins will be available for spending through 51 blocks on the network. Approximately every 2 weeks, the mining complexity will be adjusted, it depends on the number of miners in the network and the total power of the mining equipment. The more miners, the higher the difficulty.

100 REBTC за блок


Congratulations! Now you are a real ReBitcoin miner!