How to set up ReBitcoin solo-mining on a CPU?

For solo-mining of REBTC coins, we will use the special utility “pooler-cpuminer”. This is an optimized version of “cpuminer” (jgarzik / ArtForz) for mining scrypt and SHA256 on the CPU.

Intel processors show higher mining speed with the “pooler-cpuminer” utility compared to AMD processors.
Discussion of “pooler-cpuminer” is in the forum –

* Here we provide instructions for users of Windows x64 versions 7, 8, and 10. For other operating systems, the procedure may vary.

Step 1. Download the latest release of “pooler-cpuminer” – (at the time of this writing, v2.5.0)

Unzip the downloaded archive to the root of the system drive, in the folder “pooler-cpuminer-2.5.0-win64”. For instance: C:\pooler-cpuminer-2.5.0-win64\

Attention! Some antiviruses may identify the “pooler-cpuminer” files as malicious. This is a false positive anti-virus protection!
This is because someone previously injected cpuminer into their trojans, which were then used for hidden mining on infected computers, which is why cpuminer (like many other mining utilities) is now often recognized as malicious. Most often this happens with the 32-bit version of pooler-cpuminer.
We do not urge you to use this utility! You can opt out of using pooler-cpuminer right now and leave this page.

Step 2. In the rebitcoin.conf file, add an additional command (from a new line): addresstype=legacy and then restart the wallet.

If there is no such file yet, create it according to this instruction (step 1):

In ReBitcoin Core wallet open console: Window - Console

At the console prompt, type: getnewaddress and press Enter.

The console will display the newly created legasy-address, for example: RC1afDXQcicbpcr32MfCKRuUCRJyBnY1Pc, this address will be used for mining.

create new legasy address rebitcoin

Note! For the pooler-cpuminer utility, only legasy addresses (starting with the R character) are suitable, with other types of “pooler-cpuminer” addresses it does not work correctly, the reward for found blocks falls on addresses whose keys are not in the wallet. This is caused by the malfunctioning of the Address – Hash160 – Address conversion function when using “p2sh-segwit” (first S character) and “bech32” (first be1 characters) of addresses.

Step 3. In the folder “C:\pooler-cpuminer-2.5.0-win64\” create the cpumining.bat file and add the line to it:

minerd.exe -a sha256d --url= --userpass=rebitcoin:rebitcoin --threads=2 --no-longpoll --no-getwork --no-stratum --coinbase-addr=RC1afDXQcicbpcr32MfCKRuUCRJyBnY1Pc

Key “-a sha256d” – points to the mining algorithm SHA256

Key “–url=” – this is the address and port of connection to your ReBitcoin Core
Key “–userpass=rebitcoin:rebitcoin” – login and password to connect
This data should match the data from your rebitcoin.conf file.

Key “–threads=2” – tells cpuminer to use two mining threads (depends on the number of cores of your CPU).
For example: if you have a 4-core CPU, then the maximum value is –threads = 4, each mining thread will use 1 processor core (or about 25% of the CPU power).

Keys “–no-longpoll –no-getwork –no-stratum” give the cpuminer utility the command to use the mining protocol getblocktemplate, which runs the ReBitcoin network.

Key “–coinbase-addr=RC1afDXQcicbpcr32MfCKRuUCRJyBnY1Pc” – this is your legasy address that was created in step 2.

You can see all the possible cpuminer startup options by running it with the –help switch.

Save the changes to the cpumining.bat file. For convenience, you can create a shortcut on the desktop for this file to start mining in the future.

Step 4. Check that your ReBitcoin Core wallet is running and fully synchronized with the network, this is indicated by a green checkmark in the lower right corner of the wallet. If this is not the case, wait for full synchronization.

Step 5. Run the cpumining.bat file. In the window that opens, you will see information about mining, the hash rate of each core (thread), and when a block is found, a message about the block “date time accepted: 1/1 (100%), 16293 khash/s (yay!!!)“.

cpuminer rebitcoin block found

Simultaneously with finding the block in “pooler-cpuminer”, an incoming transaction for 100 REBTC should appear in the ReBitcoin Core wallet.

100 REBTC за блок

If this is not the case, check the address “–coinbase-addr = …..” is correct. The address must be legasy and it must be yours.

Congratulations! Mining ReBitcoin on the CPU works.